Dealing with Cycling Knee Pain

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Have you been doing any spring cycling?  The agreeable weather and longer days are perfect for pushing yourself a little further and going that extra mile, but there is always that risk of succumbing to what’s often referred to as “spring knee”.

Spring knee is caused by overloading and overusing the knee joint, usually triggered by the decrease in winter cycling and then attempting to cycle up hills or terrain that forces your legs/joints to work harder.  You could avoid this by sticking to using your bike’s inner chainring, ensuring that cadence remains high and your resistance is kept low.  In turn there will be less stress and force applied to your knee joints.

Remember to never avoid pain in your knee.  This means that something may be wrong and you should take the proper steps to address it, whether it’s modifying your ride and using smaller gears or increasing your load as your knee pain subsides.  Boost your cycling efforts slowly so that you don’t cause any long term knee damage.  If the pain doesn’t subside you may want to consider visiting a physiotherapist or sports doctor experienced with cycling-related injuries.

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