About Us

Lucky Explorers

Lucky Explorers is about YOU, our customers who trust US to produce the best bicycles, with the best design, of the best materials, by the best engineers.

For them cycling is more than just a sport, more than just a form of transportation, more than just a hobby. Cycling is a passion. They live, breathe, and become one with the road beneath their tires. “They” are the high-performance cycling athletes from around the world that provided our highlyskilled engineers with first-hand insight and guidance during the design and production process of Lucky Explorers Bicycles.

But, Lucky Explorers Bicycles are not only for the competitive cyclist. We have lines that have been produced for the every-day person who has realized that one must make outdoor exercise a part of the day’s activities. Thirty minutes of daily exercise will dramatically improve both one’s physical and mental health.

Using a bicycle as a mode of transportation, two goals are achieved with one activity – getting from point A to point B, while burning a few hundred calories along the way. But there is an entire alphabet…get lost and go from A all the way to Z and enjoy the world around you!

Bicycles allow you get close to your environment while getting “away from it all”. In addition to the myriad of physical health benefits, there are the many benefits that commuting via bicycle provides to our environment. Zero gasoline use + zero air pollution = low carbon footprint. We as a company, but more importantly as humans, are clearly aware of the need to protect our environment and to contribute to its preservation as much as possible. We actively encourage everyone to forego driving, or even the use of public transportation, in exchange for options with less impact on the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and the greenery around us.

Made in Italy and world renowned, Lucky Explorers have become the bicycle of choice for ALL athletes, not just cyclists. Downtown Miami commuters have caught many a glimpse of Miami Heat Superstar Dwayne Wade on the commute from his home to the American Airlines Arena for work along with Cavlier Superstar Lebron James.