An increasingly popular method of getting around is bike sharing. Thanks to it ease of traveling short distances and being able to easily drop off the bike at another location, the alternative method of transportation has skyrocketed in popularity. Even more surprising, despite is existence in nearly 100 cities there has yet to be a single death related to bike sharing.

Research has shown that bike sharers experience less crashes, and there are several broad reasons as to why, beginning with the design of the bikes themselves. These bikes tend to be heavier and have wider tires which in turn allows them to better maneuver through possible potholes or road bumps. Because of the limited amount of gears, riders also cannot go as fast.

You’ll find bike share stations in areas that are densely populated with pedestrians and have lower road speeds. In these scenarios, drivers are typically forced to be more alert than in areas where traffic flows faster and there are fewer pedestrians walking around the streets. Also, because bike sharing tends to attract those who are less experienced, they may opt to be more cautious.

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