Nearly a year ago, Bill Slade made headlines when he set out on an ambitious biking excursion that would take him across the United States. After more than 10,500 miles of biking and eleven months later, Slade returned home to a warm welcome last week after successfully completing his biking trip.

Slade’s trip began in Pennsylvania and he biked for an average of 50 to 120 miles per day. Carrying only the essentials, he put aside $30 for food a day and slept in a tent during the moments when he wasn’t being offered the kindness of strangers who allowed him to stay at their house and prepared him meals.

The ambitious trip wasn’t without its perils, however. Slade admits that biking on the road proved difficult sometimes due to the lack of a shoulder, causing him to have to pedal just inches away from vehicles traveling up to 70 miles per hour, often for seven-mile stretches. Despite the risks, Slade believes the trip was worth the adventure and he is already planning to explore the Pacific Crest Trail.

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