American racing cyclist Coryn Rivera has quickly become one of the most decorated cyclists in history. At the age of 23 she has already won over seventy national championships over the past decade and yet her cycling career is still in its infancy.
With the number of medals and trophies Rivera has won, she’s now setting her sights on achieving a widely respected prize: nabbing a medal at the upcoming summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Rivera is currently training hard to ensure her qualification spot.

Cycling at the Olympics has always been something of a mixed bag. With courses that often favor climbers or sprinters, not every cyclist gets an entirely fair shot at getting a medal. Because road races typically take place over a single day, an otherwise proficient cyclist could lose simply because he or she happened to have a bad day. Because of this, events like the Tour de France tend to hold a greater amount of prestige and respect within the cycling community and the world’s top cyclists.

Unfortunately, the Tour de France doesn’t tend to feature women, so the Olympics is largely considered to be the ultimate prize in women’s cycling.

Coryn Rivera’s father was himself a former motocross racer. He nurtured his daughter’s ability which was clearly evident from a young age after she won the Redlands Bicycle Classic, the longest-running stage race in America. Rivera has since won various championships including events in different disciplines like mountain biking and the off-road/road hybrid cyclocross.

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