Last time we discussed how to get started with cycling and what you’ll need, but what if you’ve never had the pleasure of riding a bike? Whether it’s because you’ve never tried or perhaps lack the confidence, now is a great time to get started as cycling continues to gain in popularity. Of course there comes the slight problem with having to figure out where to begin, and we can certainly help with getting you started.

See if there are any courses being offered in your area. Cycling is not limited to children or athletes and you may be able to find a course for complete beginners. You’re bound to find people who can help you and may even become cycling buddies as you become more experienced on the bike. If you’d prefer the do-it-yourself approach, a park is a great option when trying to learn how to bike. It’s free of traffic and provides a relaxed ambiance so you can practice with little to no distraction.

Always remember to reach out to your friends for some tips or whether they’re willing to provide a lesson. Having someone who can give you some pointers or help you with something that’s proving tricky is always useful.

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