David Duffield passed away on Sunday at the age of 84. Duffield, or “Duffers” as he was affectionately called became something of a legend in the world of professional cycling with his role as a regular commentator on British Eurosport. Duffield was also an avid amateur cyclist himself, achieving records during the 1950s.

Duffield was well-known for his exhaustive coverage of bike races, often commentating on numerous hours and sprucing up the action with his unique asides, wit, opinions, and insights, as well as his comments on the cuisine of where a bike race was being held. In fact, many of his sayings, or

“Duffieldisms” have since become common terms and phrases in the cycling world or have gained a degree of fame, like “Rough end of a ragman’s trumpet” or “Coming into the finish like a dose of salts”. Duffield would spend nearly all of his weekends commenting on races from start to finish and was even the voice of the six-day Skol races at Wembley that took place during the 1970s.

Besides his role as a commentator and a cyclist, Duffield also worked in the cycling industry and was instrumental in the success of the Moulton Bicycle, an English bike introduced in 1962 known for its unusual frame.

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