There are big plans in store for the downtown area of San Diego. The city is currently spearheading the Downtown San Diego Mobility Plan, a project consisting of an elaborate network of pedestrian friendly greenways, road diets, curb bulb-outs, and perhaps most notably, protected bike lanes. Should the plan move beyond being just a concept and begin construction, it will turn the downtown area into a core for walking and biking.

Among the various items outlined in the Downtown San Diego Mobility Plan, one of the highlights is the more than nine miles of protected bike lanes which are part of a wider connected network designed to be implemented as a whole rather than a series of individual segments. This strategy ensures that the plan results in north south and east west protected bicycle facilities that are well-connected and cycleways that are effective. Collectively, the system dramatically boosts the comfort and safety for San Diego cyclists.

The San Diego City Council will determine whether to adopt the plan in May, and the public can voice their concerns on the project until the 11th of March.

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