Today we’re moving over to the Beehive State of Utah, specifically the city of Salt Lake City which is currently seeking solutions to reduce its air pollution. Cycling advocates will be getting together to determine the best ways to encourage Utah residents to ditch the traditional vehicles and switch to bikes.

Swaying Utahns to adopt cycling is no easy task. Vehicles have a tendency of not respecting cyclists, and cyclists have a tendency of not obeying the rules of the road. These rules have since changed now that the downtown area of Utah has implemented protected bike lanes, forcing traffic patterns to change. Drivers seem to still be adjusting to these new patterns.

If the city can manage to bridge the gap between its drivers and cyclists, it could yield tremendous benefits not only for Salt Lake City but also for the state itself. Not only would there be a decrease in air pollution, Utahns can begin to adopt a healthier lifestyle by cycling wherever possible and save money on fuel.

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