Cycling has been around for over ninety years, yet the sport remains relegated to the warmer fall, spring, and summer seasons. Most people would not consider cycling during the winter when the temperatures have dropped due to the many factors like the cold wind blasting in someone’s face or having to navigate slippery terrain due to ice, resulting in a potential injury. However, as more people begin to adopt the hearty sport, there may be legitimate reasons to grab your bike, put on some winter gear and start pedaling.

For one, riding during the winter can be a great way to stay fit and active when most people would prefer to stay indoors. As long as it isn’t snowing, the air is crisp and clear and the surroundings such as the countryside can become wonderfully scenic with the layers of snow.

Remember that when riding a bike, you will be generating heat as you exert yourself so in terms of the cooler weather it’s a matter of wearing clothing that will allow you to get rid of excess heat and sweat.

In terms of slippery conditions, you may want to think of cycling as if you were driving a vehicle on the city streets during the winter. It requires taking extra precautions to avoid sliding and if you happen to own a mountain bike then the studded tires can provide a tremendous amount of traction.

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